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Rebecca Lange

801 Ford Street, Room 111
Llano, Texas 78643

Phone: 325-247-7733
Fax: 325-247-7737

Matthew Rienstra, First Assistant County Attorney
Toni Anderson
Kathryn Stephenson
Carrie Lewis
Melissa Wright
Kerri Sawyer
James "JT" Threadgill

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At the Llano County Attorney’s Office our first and foremost priority regarding HOT CHECKS is to collect and return restitution owed to you as quickly as possible. In order to do this we are providing you with important updated information on how to properly submit a check for collection along with tips on gathering crucial information for us to effectively and efficiently prosecute HOT CHECK writers. 
  1. Witness the check being signed
  2. Match the check writer to photo ID
  3. Verify the date
  4. Ensure dollar amount written numerically in the “$ box” matches the amount spelled out on the “dollars” line 
  5. Verify correct mailing address
  6. Write the following at top of check: 
    1. Date of Birth
    2. Driver's License Number
  7. Initial check upon acceptance
  8. Notate what check purchased, i.e. gas


  • Recording this information convinces the jury that the check writer actually wrote the check.
  • This information enables the County Attorney to obtain a warrant and file a case for prosecution.

  1. Send a demand letter to check writer (see example)
  2. Wait 10 days for response
  3. If no response file the case with County Attorney
  4. Gather: 
    1. Complaint of Worthless Check form
    2. Original check from bank
    3. Affidavit of Service
    4. Copy of Demand Letter
    5. Certified Mail receipt and green card (if vendor opts to do so) 
      1. Mailing the demand letter certified mail is not required
  5. Make a copy for your records prior to submission
  6. Mail to:

    Llano County Attorney

    Hot Check Division

    801 Ford Street Room 111

    Llano, Texas 78643

  7. Do not accept payments on any case that has been submitted to the County Attorney for collection.


  • Add a $30.00 Merchant Fee payable to you for each check submitted
  • Add cost of certified mail to collection efforts (if vendor opted)
  • Mail you payments received on your account promptly upon collection
  • Issue a warrant and file a case if the check writer fails to make restitution


  • Put a policy in place for check acceptance.
  • DO NOT rely on information pre-printed on a check
  • DO NOT rely on information verbally provided by Check Writer
  • Be cautious of:
  • Checks with low check numbers (check numbers in the 100’s)
  • Temporary Checks
  • Expired Driver’s Licenses
  • Out-of-state Driver’s Licenses
  • Anyone who cannot produce a photo ID
  • Any variation between the information on the check, the ID produced and/or the check writer

Please use the links below to access and print forms.

Complaint of Worthless Check

Affidavit of Service 

Sample Demand Letter

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